Golf tips for female players

As of writing this, in 2019, more women are playing golf than ever before, and number of women golfers is increasing every day. There are also lots of professional lady golfers who participate in tournaments. On the contrary, number of male golfers is decreasing, so golf is slowly becoming sport of both genders. In my opinion, women have brought change to golf culture, and it’s a positive one. Manufacturers have realized rising role of women in golf, so they are tempted to make more and better golf clubs for them, but there is little information available on how to choose golf gear as ladies. That’s what bothered me when i started to play myself and that’s the problem i’m going to try and solve.

First of all, let’s talk about golf clubs. Right now, there are lots of women’s club sets as well as individual clubs to choose from. So don’t try and re-invent the wheel, don’t go out and buy men’s golf clubs, even if you are as tall as them. Men’s clubs are simply not fit to be used by a women, who, on average, have less strength and other physical talents than men. That’s one of the reasons for why women’s golf clubs tend to be much lighter than those of men. First of all, lighter clubs are easier to carry around the course for ladies, and second, they are also easier to swing. Without learning proper swinging techniques and having clubs to realize your best potential, you’re going to struggle forever, even if you spend years practicing. So nailing the task of getting a golf club is crucial. I love TaylorMade Kalea series clubs, they are perfect for me. If you want to know more about them, you can read this review. Good golf clubs + good swinging practices means longer distance and better results. These practices can be learned in variety of ways, but i think getting golf lessons is the best one. You just have to work with golf instructor to receive feedback on your stance, grip and other parts of your game, so that you can work on yourself when you’re alone and get everything right.

Speaking of grips, they are one of the ways in which women’s golf clubs are different from men’s. Ladies’ clubs usually have grips that are smaller in size and also more comfortable to hold, so that women’s more sensitive hands don’t get damaged. Still, there are exceptions when using men’s clubs as a lady golfer can be a good idea. Usually, it’s a good idea when you aren’t stereotypical female. Instead, you should be taller, stronger and not have sensitive hands. Still, for most women, men’s clubs won’t work. You can try both at your local retailer and decide which one you want by yourself. As novice golfers, women shouldn’t look for expensive clubs, as they are waste of money at that point in your golfing career. Try out different things, and when you have some experience of playing golf, you can be more prepared to choose your favorite clubs next time.

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